WooCommerce GitHub Repository Product Documentation

Getting Started


Plugin Requirements: Wordpress (4.0+), WooCommerce (2.6+), GitHub.com Account
Plugin Overview: What you can do with this plugin:

WooCommerce Shipping GitHub Repository Plugin allows you to list your GitHub repositories for sale on your WordPress website.

Documentation Overview: What we will be covering in the documentation:

This documentation will walk you through how to upload, activate, setup and use the plugin.


  • Option 1 via FTP
    1. Upload the extracted WooCommerce GitHub Repository Product plugin folder along with all its contents to '/wp-content/Plugins' directory using an FTP client.
    2. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on the Plugins link on the left hand menu.
    3. Locate the WooCommerce Shipping Label Generator Plugin and click Activate
  • Option 2 via Plugin Installer
    1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel and open the Plugins panel by clicking on plugins on the left hand menu.
    2. Click Add New and click on it.
    3. Look for the Upload Plugin button towards the top of the page and click on it.
    4. Browse for the WooCommerceGitHubRepositoryProduct.zip file you downloaded locally and upload it.
    5. After successfully uploading the plugin you must now activate it.

Plugin Settings

Let's take a look at setting up your plugins settings to ensure a successful flow when adding repositories as products.

  1. In your WordPress admin panel go ahead and click on WooCommerce Settings in the left hand panel.

  2. Click on the Products tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the GitHub Repo Licenses sub menu tab to be directed to the following screen.
  4. Enter your GitHub person access token and GitHub username in the corresponding fields and click save changes.
  5. Please be sure to fill out ALL of the other fields in order to successfully use the plugin.

Repo Product Section

Creating a Product off a Repository

Creating a product is easy. Lets walk through the process.

  1. In your Wordpress Admin visit Products -> GitHub Repos
  2. You should see a list of all your repositories in the table.
    • To create a product, simply check the checkbox associated with teh repo and click the update button.
    • To delete a product, simply uncheck a repo and click update.
    • Be sure to select the branch and price, all other properties can be edited through woocommerce.

You can download this plugin for free at apiintegrations.com.