About a year ago I had the idea of starting a website similar to gazelle.com or usell.com where people would be able to trade in their phones and the website would give them a price for their device and generate a shipping label for them to be able to send in their product.

So I began looking at possible solutions in how I would go about doing this. I settled on using WooCommerce as I had a good amount of experience with wordpress and knew I can easily extend it’s functionality.

I was really hoping to find an existing plugin that would allow me to post products as ‘trade in’ items but soon discovered one did not exist. So the only option was to develop the plugin myself.

The plugin simply offers the ability for you to mark any regular WooCommerce product as a ‘trade-in’ product. Site visitors will now see a button that says ‘get offer’ on trade in products. Once they choose any variants they will then be given a price for the product which you have set just as any regular product.

The customer then fills out a form indicating how they would like to get paid and their address. Once they complete the form they are given a shipping label they can print out and send in their item.

You can find the plugin by clicking here.